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Medication made simple

We can offer you pre-packed medicine in right dosages in close collaboration with Lyfjaver. For more information on our medicine services you can call us at 522 8400 or email us at reyap@reyap.is.


We provide health monitoring. We place great emphasis on the importance of prevention that can contribute to our customers’ health. We welcome you and offer both blood pressure testing and blood glucose testing. Further information on our health services can be obtained by calling 522 8400 or simply by visiting us.

Prescription delivery service

We can offer you delivery of medicines, free of charge. In order to receive prescription drug delivery to your doorstep, it is necessary that a prescription is available in your drug portal. To receive your prescription on the same day, a request must be received by 3pm.

Here we are

Reykjavíkur Apótek operates two pharmacies in the capital area

Seljavegur 2, 101 Reykjavík

Telephone 522 8410

Pharmacist: Margrét Birgisdóttir

Opening hours :

Weekdays 9 – 18

Saturdays 10 – 16

Sunday Closed

Skeifan 11b, 108 Reykjavík

Telephone 522 8420

Pharmacist : Ólafur Adolfsson

Opening hours :

Weekdays 9 – 18

Saturdays 10 – 16

Sundays 12 – 16

About us

We at Reykjavíkur Apótek focus on offering low prices and good service. Our pharmacists are Ólafur Adolfsson and Margrét Birgisdóttir.

Here at Reykjavík Apótek, we offer a wide range of medicines, including prescription and non-prescription drugs for most common ailments and medical conditions at competitive prices. We strive to offer you professional and personal services.